Totemica is the Shop and Blog of creative Claire Orrell. View her commercial work here.

Claire likes travelling into space and she likes to take things with her. Animals, maps, fish. Claire works in simplicity, elegance and practicality to take creation beyond the hubbub of earthly concerns. She can set a message sparkling amongst the stars. And that’s the point isn’t it?

Like all good space mechanics Claire is practical. She’s not afraid to build a flagship from the ground up. It has to look good, it also has to work and like all adventures it has to have spirit. And Claire has the technology! She’ll Photoshop the dinks, recruit a tribe of origami antelopes and before you can say ‘Create my concept!’ she’s plotted a 3D course for Alpha Fantastic.
It’s that childhood delight in the stuff of science you see. It bestows a sense of wonder at the natural world combined with a whopping admiration for human endeavour. As those childhood stories gather round, Claire likes to draw them. Wildebeasts in caves, whales deep in the sea. Fresh faces in familiar coats and hats. Nursery stories in new pajamas. Who knows what the universe might have hidden for us to find.