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The Pleiades

Claire Orrell

I'd heard mention of the Pleiades before and the name always sounded alluring and magical. The cluster of stars, also known as the Seven Sisters and located in the constellation of Taurus, has had a special significance for many cultures dating back thousands of years. 

Most recently I read about the Pleiades in the book Awaken the Inner Shaman by Dr. José Luis Stevens. Here is a passage showing his thoughts on the significance of the Pleiades:

From the Dogon of West Africa to the Australian Aboriginals, the Maoris of New Zealand, the Hawaiians of the Pacific, the Incas of South America and the Mayas in Central America, all believe that humans were seeded from a planet orbiting the sun in the Pleiades… Scientists have been amazed that the Dogon people, living without plumbing or electricity, have calculated the exact dimensions to the Pleiades. When asked how they do it, their response is simply to say that they go to these places all the time.
— Awaken the Inner Shaman by Dr. José Luis Stevens