Animal Guide: Bilby


Bilby says: I turn darkness into light

If you’re lucky enough to come across a bilby in the wild you’ll notice that it’s a very shy and nervous creature with beautiful long pink ears.

The bilby lives in areas where it can hide amongst the grass to keep safe from predators before vanishing into its burrow. They forage for food such as termites, spiders and seeds, under the cover of darkness.

The bilby reminds us not to let our fears get the better of us and that a shift in our mindset can lift the heaviness of worry.


Habitat and Distribution

Over the last 100 years, bilby numbers have rapidly declined due to increased competition for food, from livestock and the introduction of rabbits, and non-native predators like cats and foxes.

Bilbies used to be found across more than 70% of mainland Australia(i) but are now only seen in the desert regions of Western Australia, Queensland and the Northern Territory.(ii)

Bilbies are listed as ‘Endangered’ in Queensland and ‘Vulnerable’ nationally.(iii)

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