Animal Guide: Echidna


Echidna says: It’s ok to ask for help 

Echidnas are the oldest surviving mammal alive today and have relatives in New Guinea.(i) They mainly eat ants and termites, using their snout to sniff out the insects or detect their electrical impulses. The echidnas strong claws help them to dig for prey and their long, sticky tongue catches it so they can gobble them up.

Echidnas are very independent, solitary animals that travel long distances looking for food. They are covered in sharp quills that they use for defence and bury themselves into the ground, only exposing their spines, when they sense danger.

Only during mating season do echidnas come together and the resulting babies, called puggles, stay with their mother for around 8-10 months. Sometimes when we are busy and on a mission, we forget that we don’t need to do everything alone. We are part of something larger and there may be others who can help us on our path. 


Habitat and Distribution

Echidnas live all over Australia in a wide range of habitats, but are rarely seen.

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