Animal Guide: Kangaroo


Kangaroo says: life supports you in every way

One of the best-known Australian animals is the kangaroo. Maybe because of their wonderful, hopping step, perhaps their place on the national emblem and airline or simply because they are a very unique animal.

The kangaroo is the largest marsupial on the planet and if you’ve ever come across a mob, you’ll know that they can be very big and muscly indeed. They graze on plant matter, can survive on minimal water and travel up to 40mph.

Red Kangaroos breed all year round but, amazingly, can delay the birth of their new baby until their previous joey is old enough to leave the pouch or until the environmental conditions are favourable. This ensures that their children are always born into a period of abundance where food is plentiful and they have a greater chance of survival. In this way the female kangaroo is almost always pregnant and fertile. The kangaroo reminds us that we are supported and nourished by life.


Habitat and Distribution

Red Kangaroos are found throughout the semi-arid and arid regions of mainland Australia. Their conservation status is 'Least Concern'.