Animal Guide: Quoll


Quoll says: there's magic in the moonlight

Quoll are a species of carnivorous marsupial about the size of a cat (on average). There are four species of quoll, all with distinctive spotted bodies, lively eyes and bright pink noses.

Mainly active at night, quoll spend much of their time hunting alone for insects and small animals in the moonlight. The quoll reminds us that not everything worth knowing is in plain sight– there is much to learn and discover in the shadows of night.


Habitat and Distribution

Once common, quoll numbers are now greatly reduced due to habitat loss and predators such as dogs, cats and foxes. The quoll above is an Eastern Quoll, and is considered extinct on mainland Australia but is luckily still widespread in Tasmania where it is protected.(i) 

The Spotted-Tailed Quoll is also found in Tasmania and sometimes on the east coast of mainland Australia. The Northern Quoll is now mainly found in parts of the Northern Territory and Queensland,(ii) and The Western Quoll has only patchy distribution in some forests in south-west Western Australia.(iii)

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