Animal Guide: Koala


Koala Says: listen to your dreams

Koalas spend nearly all their time way up in the branches of their beloved eucalyptus tree home, eating leaves and sleeping precariously far from the ground. Koalas can snooze up to 18 hours a day, think of all the dream realms they could go in this time! It is believed that koalas can gather knowledge and answers whilst in this state, which they can bring back to help us in this reality.(i)


 Koala Says: I’ll protect you

Young koalas stay cosy and protected in mums safe pouch. Joeys spend 6 months cuddled up, feeding on milk, before leaving the pouch and being introduced to eucalyptus leaves. In this way koalas also embody the characteristics of nurturing and security. 

Like other native Australian animals, Koalas feature in many Aboriginal myths and legends. Several tribes saw the koala as a wise animal, seeking its help: 

The Native Bear, Kur-bo-roo, is the sage counselor of the Aborigines in all their difficulties. When bent on a dangerous expedition, the men will seek help from this clumsy creature, but in what way his opinions are made known is nowhere recorded. He is revered if not held sacred.(ii)

Habitat and Distribution

Koalas live in eucalypt forests and eat only a certain species of tree. The koala can be found from northern Queensland to southern Victoria and in some areas of South Australia, although, they are less common in New South Wales than they once were. 

Sadly, today, the koala’s precious trees are under threat from human settlement and habitat loss. They are listed as a 'Vulnerable Species' and need our help keep their homes.(iii)

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