In today’s busy world, it’s easy to overlook the beauty that’s all around you. It’s hard to feel the magic when you’re struggling to get through the endless to-do list and overwhelmed with choices, devices and artificial stimuli. 

Finding time to pause, go into nature, gaze at the full moon or just sit and be can seem like a luxury you don’t have time for. But even a brief moment spent in a state of awe can raise your spirits and shift your energy for the better, bringing balance, peace and joy into your day.

My Name is Claire Orrell and since 2003 I’ve been travelling inside and out on a voyage of self-discovery, it’s a life-long trip! Like you, I’ve been on a quest to uncover the truth and along the way I’ve met amazing people and discovered many ideologies and viewpoints. From animal guides, magical mantras, shamanic journeys and Sufi stories to chakras, tarot and astrology, each one has shaped my life in some way and opened my eyes to wonder, beauty and the hidden realms that exist — alongside the one we call reality. 

In 2006, my journey led me to Australia, with a small backpack, a couple of good books and a longing for adventure. I fell in love with this vast island and all the weird and wonderful animals (plus some of the people) that call it home. A solo trip to a distant land can be lonely and it was during those first few years that my interest in the esoteric really began.

Throughout this time I’ve been honing my craft as designer and artist and it’s these skills, plus my love of the spiritual and natural worlds, that led me to share the things I’ve learnt through my artwork. 

I started Totemica to serve as a reminder of the mystery and wonder that surrounds us. Its purpose is to translate ancient wisdom into meaningful products that uplift you, deepen your connection with spirit and inspire you to celebrate life. Beauty is integral to nature and I strive to make all my work a reflection of that truth.